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Tips to Consider when Buying Cat Treats

Tips to Consider when Buying Cat Treats

Treats that you choose for your cats need to be nutritious and delicious. Before buying treats for kittens, check for certain factors carefully, as kittens are delicate and need proper nutrition. Make sure that the treats have to be occasional and given in moderation. Little cats have to be rewarded with wholesome treats. They should also be small or chewable without having to worry about the chances of choking.

What you should consider before buying treats for kittens:

  • If they are made from whole food ingredients
  • If they come in small sizes or nibbles that are suitable for kittens
  • If they contain real meat, chicken, or fish
  • If they contain additional vitamins and minerals
  • If they are grain-free and gluten-free
  • If they are free from artificial flavors and colors
  • If they have options in textures (soft or crunchy)
  • If they can be stored without losing their nutritional value

The treats mentioned here are some popular commercial brands that can be bought to meet a kitten’s nutritional needs. They are loved by kittens and older cats as treats or as top-ups on regular food.

Wellness Kittles Natural Grain-free Cat treats
Made from whole foods, it is a crunchy treat and a tasty choice for your cat. Since they are small nibbles, they are suitable for kittens. They come in six flavors and are low in calories. They are delicious and help your kitten clean their teeth too.

Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Variety Pack
These treats are bite-sized, soft, and chewy and made from real meat with fish oil for flavor. The soft, meaty texture lets the kittens sink its teeth in them. They also have brown rice and oatmeal and so it is quite rich. You have to give this treat in moderation.

INABA Ciao Churu Creamy Cat Treat
These are squeezable tubes of purees made from tuna or chicken with extra vitamins. They are a little expensive but make a delicious treat for your little cat.

Buddy Biscuits Grain-free with tender chicken cat treats
Wholesome chicken is the main ingredient in this soft-textured biscuit. It can be broken easily and given to kittens. It is also safe for sensitive kittens as it is grain and gluten-free. It is also free of artificial colors and flavors.

Supreme Source Salmon Grain-free Soft Cat Treats
These soft savory treats are made with salmon and are grain-free. They have other healthy additional ingredients. It can be given as treats or as an additional flavor. They are soft and ideal for kittens.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Crunchy Cat Treats
Suitable for cats and kittens, this is a treat that cats will love. Made of chicken, it is all-natural and is grain-free. It is protein-rich and delicious and caters to the natural cravings.

Tiki Cat Stix Tuna Mousse
These tuna tubes are loved by kittens. They are individually wrapped inside the package to retain freshness. It is grain-free and creamy and is a great food topper. It also is an ideal treat for your kitten as it comes in a variety of flavors like tuna, egg, and chicken.

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